The Federal Trade Commission requires that I disclose any relationship I have between a product manufacturer or service provider when I tell you about a product or service.

Here are the guidelines I operate under at MotherNurturesGarden.com:

If I create a link to a product in a review, often I may get paid a commission if you purchase the product or service. This does not in any way affect the amount you have to pay for the product, far from it. Since I have a relationship with the companies I affiliate with, I do occasionally get better deals. Which in turn means you get better deals and bigger discounts.

The text you see in my product reviews and statements you see me make in my videos are my based on my opinions.

I don’t pay for the products I test. They’re sent to me by the manufacturer. If I feel it’s a product you might get benefit from, then I request they send me the product.

Most of the times when I mention a product in a post or video, I do it as a part of my job. I invest my own time to review and test products. I often absorb the entire cost to tape and post-produce all videos I tape about products. If I’m ever paid to do a review, it will be clearly annotated at the end of the review.